Entrance mats are used to dry the feet, even if weather changes to dry, snowy or rainy, mats are a must in every entrance of any building structure. However, a custom vinyl loop mat can complement the interior design of an office while scrapping off dirt from visitors’ shoes.
Vinyl loop mat is specially designed to resist mildew and quick dry, making its maintenance easier than other kind of materials. These mats are manufactured using vinyl loops or mesh, its construction makes it absorbent: rain water, snow, dust and dirt is kept locked inside the mat and not in the interior floors.
An excellent initiative is combining the benefits of custom logo mats on a vinyl loop mat. Logos look gorgeous printed in this material, because new technologies allow quality impressions in a great variety of vibrant and live colors that will help promote the company and accentuate its identity, presenting a friendly impression on guest and visitors. A vinyl custom mat is a way to advertise the company itself while keeping attention in details like cleanliness and  quality.

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