Waterhog Mats

Probably you’ve saw at the entrance of major hotels and buildings outside mats that presents a smooth finish, just like indoor rugs, but seem to be able to absorb water and dust without losing its delicate appearance and aesthetics. Far from what you may think, these carpets are not as expensive or hard to get. if you are looking to give a distinctive flair, cozy and elegant at the entrance to your home or office, what you need are Waterhog mats.

 Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats
Waterhog mats are mats with a surface made of rubber reinforced face nubs and has a crush-proof waffle design, that gives it that smooth appearance. Waterhog mats have an exclusive water dam border in its structure, that traps dirt and moisture inside,        preventing it leaving the carpet and staining floors.

So, in essence, waterhog mats are multitasking surfaces, because It absorbs water and scrapes dirt from shoes while looking elegant and giving an excellent first impression to all people who walks inside your home or office.

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